Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Update!!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to stop by real quick and give an update on life and baby.

We haven't got moved yet :( we were suppose to be moved Nov 7th, but the lady in the place had some set backs with her new home being built. So now our expected move date is first week of Dec. Hopefully that works out. If I would have know it take this long to get moved I would have left my Cricut and card making stuff left out to play with. While packing my craft stuff I realized I have way too much stuff I never use and know I will never use. I will be giving that to my niece. She loves to make craft projects for me and DH all the time. So I figured the basics I have she can get a lot of use out of. Also gonna try and be Cricut, Stamping, and card making only when I get my little craft corner set up. When baby comes I want all my craft supplies to be minimal to where I can just make something quick. So that is everyday life update.

I hope we get in to our new place soon so I can at least put my Christmas tree up..that is my favorite.
Baby update. I will be 30 weeks this thursday...woohoo only 10 more weeks. Gender is still a surprise. I had my baby shower last week. It was a fall theme. Since we aren't finding out the gender I decided on the theme of Fall cause it's my favorite time of year, besides Christmas. I also had it early since the holidays are upon us an I knew so many would be busy. My shower turned out well. I am so glad it's Baby is measuring on time. I am so excited to meet our little one. I ask for those that pray, to keep me and little one in your prayers. I will try and update after I get moved.

Sorry I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs. I feel bad. I will stop by some today and see what I have been missing. I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Hugs, Sheena