Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cart Haul

I got two carts today Pooh and Friends & Hello Kitty Greetings..I am so excited. I have been wanting these two carts for a good while now...I got them at J's the carts that are reg 89.99-99.99 are 34.99 this J's don't have any new carts..but I am glad they had these sweetie wanted me to get Sesame Street and Friends( I think that was the name) but I wasn't sure about it..I might get it Friday when I am back out and about. Oh if anyone who don't know whats all on a cart before they buy.. Scrapbookpal has pics of every page of the booklets for most the carts. I linked to the page for anyone interested.

-sorry the lighting is bad in the pic..just took this real fast out by my other computer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunhine Award!!

Thanks to
who was so nice to give me this Sunshine award!

Go check out her blog, her work is beautiful. I really like this award makes me want Spring to be here. Thank You flowerdisco for this Sunshine Award and for being a great blog follower.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gator fan b-day card

I made this for a Gator fan..he loves his gators and Tebow #15..I like this card but I am not happy with it. I got the idea for the football from Jeannie over at the MB. I don't have a sports cart...I need to invest in one since I have a ton of friends who are big football fans. I wish they come out with the different College Conferences SEC, Big Ten etc. carts and NFL carts. That be so awesome. I didn't have any pattern paper for the Gators. So I just used a white gel pen an made my own. Reason I am not happy with it is cause I wish I had pattern paper I love everything else.

I Used:
Wausau cardstock
Pooh Font cart
Cuttlebug-swiss dots
white gel pen
-the green is not showing up right

I wish I had more time on this card. This has been a crazy week...but everything is going pretty good now. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, February 8, 2010

simple v-day card

Yesterday I tried coming up with a simple card..I even looked in my CTMH Originals idea book..I found one card I liked but it just wasn't working for me . So I decided to give my WC heart shaped card a try. This is a 4.5" card. I didn't make the envie(I have other envies). I wanted to be like you was opening a box of chocolates.

I Used:
Wausau cardstock

Thanks for Looking!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweethearts candy v-day card

I thought it be cute to make a card having the sweethearts candy box/bag dumped all over the card front. This is what I came up with. I searched for Sweetheart candy images for the box.I think it turned out almost dead on to the actual candy box/bag. The heart on the box was welded..cause I don't think any of my carts I have got the heart cut out of the center.The hearts in the middle is what you see looking through the little clear window on the box. I added the little white hearts to the box cause it looked so plain. I did all the writing on the hearts with a white gel pen( I need a better brand). Inside says Happy Valentine's Day with a bunch of candy hearts all around. I welded in DS Sweethearts(Ashlyn's Alphabet cart).

I Used:
AA cart
PS cart
Wausau cardstock
DS-for welding & heart cutout on box
Me&My Big Ideas-Pattern paper background

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Squidward V-day Card

I made this card for my niece brothers..I figured I make them a card using the SpongeBob cart. This card didn't take me that long to make. I have on the inside Plankton with his arms up like he is yelling Happy Valentine's Day! If anyone watches SpongeBob you know Squidward is not really into Happy things...So I figured it be cute for the boys since all they want for v-day is

I Used:
DCWV cardstock
Wausau Cardstock
SB cart
PS cart-hearts
LAB cart-seahorse, crab. lettering inside
gel pens

-I took two pics with different backgrounds..I kinda like the cart boxes in the back...but I like the plain background..still playing around with my new Ott Lite to see what I like. -I also ran out of the bright blue that I used for the background of the first two spongebob cards I made..I only had little pieces left..I will have to pick me more up if I plan on making more cards with this cart.
Thanks for Looking! :)