Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PDDU Episode 6

This week in our PDDU Series I had page 50. I made a simple Halloween shape card. It can be used for an invite as well. I did a lot of inking for detail.
My Project
I Used/Recipe: Bazzill CS--PDDU pg50 Acc3/Casket 5 1/4, Acc2/Bat 4"--Studio G Black ink--Silver and Gold gel pens

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Hugs, Sheena

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PDDU Episode 5

This week in our PDDU Series I had page 46. I made a Birthday invite for my project. I had this idea of using two swords behind the shield, but the it just didn't look right. I think what I decided to go with turned out great...very simple.
My Project
I Used/Recipe: DCWV PP-The Stack 6--PDDU pg46 Acc3/Sword 8", Acc3/Shield 8 1/2". Headwear/Crown 5"--pg 48 Acc/Flag 4"--CTMH Ink-Desert Sand--Gold and Silver gel pens--Party invite is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"

Please stop and visit each blog for the PDDU series.You might get some neat ideas on how to use PDDU images in a different way. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.
Hugs, Sheena

Monday, May 21, 2012

Skin Favorites May nail polish

I know this isn't my normal craft/card making post, but I wanted to share some of my beauty favs. I did some of my other favorites last year in 2011, and I wanted to give an update of those. I'll try and do this update of some of my favorite things every 5 or 6 months. I would love to hear what some of your favorite beauty items are. For this favorite update I am doing my Skin Favorites plus nail polish. If you love some of the same products I love please share with me what you love about them. Maybe someone out in the blog world is looking for that same type of product.
*Pic was taken with my iPhone using Instagram*
Now my Favorites from Left to Right are
Essie Barefoot in Blue
Essie Peach Daiquiri

I linked back to all products to see the description of each product and what it does.
My ratings
MB Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C
Feel: A-Mazing! I'm not just saying this. If feels great on the skin and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. Overall: I have been using this product for a week now twice a day. I love how my skin looks, feels, and my complexion has really gotten better. I will purchase this again!!

MB Special Cucumber Lotion
Feel: At first it kinda had a little sting to it, but I think its from the Isopropyl Alcohol. This is a Toner. I got use to it. It feels great on skin. Easy to use. You don't have to use a lot. Overall: I have been using this for a week twice a day. My pores have shrunk a lot BIG PLUS!! I notice less break outs. I will purchase again!!

MB Strawberry Face Scrub
Feel: A-Mazing! the first time I used this I was a little nervous, cause of the strawberry seeds. I thought maybe it be really abrasive. It's not at all. It made my skin so soft and glowing. Very healthy looking. Overall: The smell is so yummy. Kinda makes you want to eat it..hehe, but I wouldn't. I use this twice a week. On Monday Night and Friday Morning. I will purchase again.

MB Drying Cream
Feel: Creamy. You apply this to a blemish. On the MB site it tells you to rub in an wear during the day. I have never tried that, but I use it at night on little pimples. It works great that way for me. The smell may not be for everyone, it's kinda a dirt/mud smell, but I like it. It's not a problem for me. Overall: I have been using this MB product for two years now. Washes off easy in the morning. This little tub goes a long way..I love it. I will purchase again.  If you have a stubborn pimple that you want to dry up at night this is a great product for that.

MB Drying Lotion
Feel: Stings a little bit, but after a couple seconds it goes away. You place this on a whiteheads and pimples. The smell is Whoa!, but goes away after drying. Overall: A-Mazing for zapping those mean ol' pimples..hehe. I use this at night on my stubborn big pimples. The kind that hurt. I am so happy I purchased this Drying lotion. Now my pimples go away within a night/day it's great. I will purchase again.

MK Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover
Feel: Soft. Makes my eye area really soft after using. Easy to use. Overall: I have been using this for two years now. I love this eye makeup remover. It removes my Benefit Bad Gal mascara like a breeze. I use mine on two toliet paper squares folded to wipe off eye makeup. Does a great job. Will purchase again.

Essie Polishes 
Barefoot in Blue- I won this polish from TOMS shoes for their One day without shoes. This color is so fun and looks great on. Not sure if Essie has this in their regular polish line, but I know when TOMS gave it away it was limited edition. Thanks TOMS..I love your comfy and great cause. Peach Daiquiri- This color is a FUN Summer color. It makes my feet look tan and they aren't. It's a fun Pink color. When you think of a peach and the pink color on the fuzz is about the color of this. I love it. I think this is in Essie's Spring or Summer line.

Disclaimer: All these products were purchased by me except for the Essie Barefoot in Blue polish. I won that from TOMS shoes. The Mario Badescu products were purchased at Ulta, Mary Kay thru my MK consultant, and Essie Peach Daiquiri polish from Target. The MB products were recommend for my skin type and concerns, by taking the survey on MB site. There are a couple products I haven't yet purchased on my list of recommend, but I will.

In a month I will come back an review the MB products that I have been using for a week now. I will say though just this week of use twice a day, I have notices a great difference in my skin. It's healthy looking and feels great. My random pimple here and there has been almost stopped. I get tiny little ones now. Which is fine for now. I always hated the big pimples that hurt. I know some of these products are $$, but they are worth it. For the longest time I was using drugstore products (*Nothing wrong with using drugstore products, I still do for some things) but my skin wasn't changing for good. It would end up oily during the day, and I would still have some dry spots. So I needed a change. I have tried MB before when I received some samples, I fell in love then. Not sure why I didn't just purchase after that. I guess I thought my other products were doing the job. I am happy with my purchase and will purchase again. 

Thanks for coming by reading my blog and my favorite products. Please feel free to ask me ?'s about any of them or if you have had experience with any of these products. What are your thoughts. :)

I'll  be back in a week with my reviews of my Influenster product reviews. I left out an extra product they sent it was the Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions. 

Hugs, Sheena

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Beauty Voxbox

Hey friends, I wanted to share with you this pretty cool site called This site is so neat, it has where you take surveys about products, earn badges, and let you spread the word about the products you get to test out. This is the first Voxbox I received. I am super excited to give the products a test and come back and let y'all know what I think. So there will be a later post after I am able to do some product exploring. Maybe something might catch your eye and you would want to know more about it, just feel free to ask. So I will get to testing out my products. I'm looking forward to test out the AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash..I love AVEENO products and I love having soft skin that isn't dry, so this product I am really looking forward trying. The Sheer Cover Duo Concealer should be fun to test out, Always looking for a new concealer. I'm just so excited to test everything...hehe I already smelled the Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist..the scent is Moonlight Path. The smell is kinda like Baby Powder, I will get back with everyone on that one with a little more of a test. See if I like it on my skin and if it works with me. It is 8floz a full size product. So I will get to testing, be back in a few days or a week with an update.
Here are the Items I received:
Sheer Cover Concealer
AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash
ChapStick Lip SHIELD 365
Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

Will be back soon with reviews :)

Hugs, Sheena

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PDDU Episode 4

This week in our PDDU Series I had page 42. Now I had this idea of a pineapple wearing a bikini, It took me a bit to get it right with the sizing, but I think it turned out cute. I have a friend that went to Hawaii for her honeymoon, and thought this would be cute to send to her just to say Hey! She will get a kick out of it :)
My Project
I Used/Recipe: K&Co PP, Wausau CS, Bazzill CS --PDDU pg42 Acc2/Pineapple 11" & 10 3/4"(for layering), Bikini Top 6 1/2", Lei 5", Skirt 5", Headwear/Flower 4", Palm Tree 4 1/2" -- CTMH Ink Hydrangea, Sedert Sand, Star Spangled Blue, and Clover Meadow--SU Ink Regal Rose, SU Dimensionals--Card is 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

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Hugs, Sheena

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish all you great Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! I'm not a mom yet, but hopefully one day. For now I have my little fur baby Tilly :)

Hugs, Sheena

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

PDDU Episode 3

For this week in our PDDU Series I had page 38. My project I made a Hat shaped card using the Headwear on page 38. This cut is really small, but the measurements are big. This can be used for a card or tag on a mothers day gift.
My Project Page 38

I Used/Recipe: DCWV PP--Wausau CS--PDDU cart- pg.38 Headwear/Hat 10" - pg41 Acc3/Flowers 3"--SU Ink Regal Rose--CTMH ink Desert Sand, Clover Meadow, Hydrangea, and Sunny Yellow--Fiskars embossing plate Basketweave

Please stop and visit each blog for the PDDU series.You might get some neat ideas on how to use PDDU images in a different way. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.
Hugs, Sheena

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Feel The Love May 2012

Madison over at Funky Cards is hosting another I Feel The Love. For the month of May we have to make a card for a special little guy named Brandon. He is a cute little guy. To read Brandon's story head over to Madison's BLOG. I remember I had this fun gear PP that I have used before and I thought how fun it be to make Brandon a Robot card with Wiggle Eyes :) I'm sure it will put a big smile on his face.

I Used/Recipe:
Paper Studio PP- Boy Multi Gear (HL single sheet)
Wausau CS
DCWV CS- Metallic stack
Boys Will Be Boys cart- pg.64 Robot 4"
Wiggle Eyes
CTMH Ink- Clover Meadow and Orange
SU Dimensionals
A2 card

Thanks for looking and all the great comments! If you would love to send Brandon a card check out Madison's IFTL Post.
 Hugs, Sheena 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cooking With Cricut #84 Teacher Appreciation Day

For this week over at My Paper Craft World...the Cooking With Cricut challenge was to make a project for Teacher Appreciation Day. For my project I made a shape card. Now this card is 4 1/2", it cut huge. I didn't want to waste paper so I just stayed with that size. This could be used for the whole class to sign, not everyone gives gifts or cards to their teacher, so maybe a card for everyone to sign would be a great idea.

I Used/Recipe:
Wausau CS
DCWV CS- Metallic stack
Bazzill CS
Potpourri Basket cart- pg.62 Pencil 4 1/2"
Give A Hoot cart- pg.35 Accent/Apple 3 3/4"
Pooh Font cart- Marker A 1 1/4"-- + 3/4" -- # 1 1/4" -- 1 1 3/4" -- Teacher 1 1/4"
CTMH Ink- Holiday Red, Desert Sand
SU Ink- Regal Rose
SU Dimensionals
4 1/2" card

Thanks for looking and all the great comments! Have a great weekend everyone!
Hugs, Sheena 

CARDZ TV Challenge #107

The CARDZ TV Challenge #107 was to make a card for Mother's Day. I made my card simple & sweet. I know my Mom will love it. :)

I Used/Recipe:
DCWV PP- Flower Shower and Nana's Nursery
Wausau CS
Give A Hoot cart-  pg.56 Accent/Flower 4" (Flip Key)
P Schoolbook cart- Mom 1" (Roly Poly)
CTMH Ink- Clover Meadow, Star Spangled Blue
SU Ink- Regal Rose
White Gel pen (dots on Mom)
A2 card

Thanks for looking and all the great comments! Have a great weekend everyone!
Hugs, Sheena

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PDDU Episode 2

For this week in our PDDU Series I had page 34. For my tag I used the Acc 1/Palm Tree, Acc 2/Dino. This tag can be used to put on a birthday gift or just as the birthday card.
 My Project Page 34

I Used/Recipe: Wausau CS--PDDU cart Page 34 Acc 1/Palm Tree 4" & 41/4" - Acc 2/Dino 2 1/4"--Pg. 78 Headwear/Ground 1 1/2"- Pg.31 Acc2/Gift 2 1/2" - Pg. 58 Headwear/Clown Hair(clouds) 3 1/2" & 3 3/4"-- CTMH Ink Orange, Desert Sand, Clover Meadow-- White Gel pen--Colored Pencils for detail..Tag is 5 1/2"

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Hugs, Sheena