Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dino Lingo

I was asked to watch a video using the program Dino Lingo. I had to pick a language to watch the video in. I picked the French Learning for Kids. I don't have any kids yet so I really can't say if they would like it or not, but I know I did. I think it was a cute little program and it caught my eye and made me pay attention. I think this would be a great program for kids to use for learning other languages. I took French in High School and really liked it. I had a lot of fun. I think if I would have had this program it would have made it even more fun to learn at home. If you would like to give the Dino Lingo a try go here and to YouTube. Search Dino simple and easy to pick which language you want to try.

*I was asked by Influenster to give my review.

Hugs, Sheena

Christmas Cards 2012

I want to start by saying that this year I went in a different direction for my Christmas cards. I wanted them to be a little more fancy and with no Cricut cuts. So I had this vision in my head for these cards...first they were plain so I was deciding what to add on them. I went to a dear friend on my blog who threw out some ideas my way. I decided to use a bow at the base of the trees(I will get to the story about the trees in a bit). I can't make a bow that small, so I looked and looked at the local craft stores. All the bows that I had found were small, but had the added pearl to them. I didn't want a pearl for mailing purpose. Well I was getting down to the wire of needing to get my cards done, I make 30. So I grabbed the ones with the pearls at J's the other day and just cut the pearls off. I think they turned out cute.

Now to the story of the Trees..I looked and looked for the right stamp of the tree that would look good heat embossed. I was in M's and happened to find the one from Hero Arts. I loved it and it seemed like the right size. I wasn't paying close attention, but the stamp is actually slanted/crooked. Now I can't tell unless pointed out. I tried even cutting my paper at an angle to see if it make it set better, Nope, that was even worse and really a pain to do angle cuts. I was too far into making my cards with all the trees embossed an the inside of the cards done, that I said heck with it and I am using the tree, it will just look really HANDMADE!! I love my cards, but you all know this isn't my style at all. Next year a Cricut cut and Cute theme it will be again. The cards I normally make are always neat and very well put together, and I will be honest these Christmas cards had me going crazy with all the cutting by hand with a paper trimmer. I will make fancy cards like this, but not in bulk. :) Sorry for the long post

I Used/Recipe:
Wausau CS
Hero Arts Stamp both outside of card and inside
Silver Embossing powder
Cuttlebug Folder- Snowflakes 
VersaMark ink pad
SU deminisonals
A2 card

Thanks for looking and the great comments! I will be back in a week after a little trip. I want to get back in an create some cards. I have been away for too long.

Hugs, Sheena

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving with your Family and Friends!! 

Hugs, Sheena

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!!

I would like to Thank all the Men & Women, Past, Present, and Future for serving our great country. My Friends & Family who serve. Thank you for us to be able to have our Freedom. Thank You not just today, but Everyday!!

Hugs, Sheena

Cute Tree Skirt I made and I will be away

Hi Friends, I wanted to share my Fun Christmas tree skirt I made. I got the idea when I was on Pinterest and someone I follow pinned this TREE SKIRT from The Land Of Nod. I really loved the style and all the colors. So with that tree skirt being on the pricy end..I decided to make one myself. A little different of course. So check out the TREE SKIRT that I got the idea from.

All products for my tree skirt came to a total of $8 bucks..I had a few coupons, but even with them I would have only spent maybe $11 bucks. I already had the embroidery floss. I separated the 6 threads and made them 3 each. I hand cute the tree skirt base using my Hula Hoop for a template. A coffee mug for center circle. I used a shot glass for the Dots. Now I cut these Dots 2 times. Once using the open end of a shot glass..well they just didn't look right on the size of the skirt, so I took the bottom of the shot glass and made them smaller. I also won't cut my tree skirt, it will have to be places on before I put the bottom part of the tree in the holder. I made 120 Dots and hand sewn 97 on the skirt. It took me about a week to make. I have a bunch of left over Fleece that I might make my Cat a pet bed :) I know she will like that, since she loved laying on the tree skirt..hehe :)

Products Used/Purchased:
1 yard of White Fleece
1 sheet Felt each in the colors Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Red (you get these in the craft area at J's
Embroidery Floss..Multi Pack I already had
Double Sided tape to hold the Dots on while I sewing
Hula Hoop-already had
Coffee Mug-already had
Shot Glass-already had

I will also be away until after Thanksgiving, So I won't be on blogger that much. I hope to stop by every now n then to see how things are going and to leave comments. I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving!!

Hugs, Sheena

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Feel The Love November 2012

I love making cards for the I Feel The Love project. It is a great project to join in and share your cards. You don't have to make a bunch of cards for every month, you can make one or many as you like. the month of November is for Children's Hospital Central California. Sweet Madison asked us to make Christmas cards for the Kids. I made two cards. Now the lighting is horrible on my pics. We have people putting new roof on our Apt. building and well I wasn't opening my blinds to get natural light(and it's beautiful outside today), when there are weird guys out working going by my windows all So don't mind the darkness of the pictures.

I Used/Recipe:
Recollections PP- Bright & Jolly stack
Wausau CS
Winter Frolic cart- pg49 Stocking 4 1/4" --pg48 Tree 4 1/4"
CTMH Ink- Holiday Red and Clover Meadow
SU Deminisonals
White Gel
Black Sharpie
Fiskars stamps
A2 size card

The stamp is inside the card. I will add a little personal note to each card. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Hugs, Sheena 

Crafty Tag

Hi Friends, I have a fun little Craft tag for y'all. I tag all my crafty friends to do this fun little tag. Enjoy!
I got this tag from Logans Crafty Momma  on YouTube!!

1. When did you first start crafting? -Well I have always been into crafts. In high school everyone would call me Martha Stewart since I always would come up with craft ideas for things. I have been doing this since I was able to draw..hehe :)

2. How did you start crafting?- I always liked the handmade feel of things. Plus coming up with creative things got me into crafting. Plus Cricut really pushed me more into it.

3. What is your favorite craft as of now? -Card making..I like making cards. I also like to sew and really want to get into quilting, but right now I don't have the space to quilt.

4. Where do you get most of your supplies? -Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Crafts 2000, CTMH, and SU. I buy from every where..where ever I can get a good deal.

5. How often do you craft? -Not as much as I would like :(..I really need to craft more. I stay at home while hubby works, so I have all the time in the world to make stuff, but right now I am making a tree skirt. I hope to post pics later.

6. Is crafting your main hobby?- I would have to say Yes as of right now. When we get our own place I hope to make gardening a main hobby

7. Are you the craftiest person in your family? -Not really, we are all equal in something craft related. My mom can crochet an sew, my sis can make all kinds of decorations, and my dad can build stuff. My hubby's side they aren't crafty..they rather pay someone to make it. That is why it's so hard to make them handmade stuff cause they are so into buying from a store already made.

8. Name some crafts you do? -Card Making, making decor, hopefully quilting soon

9. What's the easiest craft you do? -Card Making...but there are days when I don't have the mojo to make anything.

10. What's the hardest craft you do?- Quilting. I have tried it, and it seems pretty hard, but once you get use to quilting it just gets easier.

I hope everyone can play along. Let me know if you do this fun tag.

Hugs, Sheena

Friday, November 2, 2012

VoxBox review 4 products

Hi Friends, I am back with my final reviews of the products I got in my Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012. I hope you enjoy my reviews and if you have tried any of these products please feel free to share what you like or don't like about them.

*These products were sent to me by Influenster...this is the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012. All reviews will be my HONEST thoughts. You all know I don't blog much about beauty products, but every so often I like to share some of my favorite items that I am using at the moment. So I feel  honored that Influenster sent me this box of goodies to test out and give my honest review on. Only HONEST reviews here!*

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
for Dark Hair

The Spin Pins retail for $7.29. I have to say I was really wondering if these pins would work on my long thick hair. I see them in stores, but never paid much thought. I followed the directions on the back of the box..let me tell ya THEY WORK!!! I was shocked...I mean really I was. It felt like I had nothing holding my hair was really nice. No hair came loose, I just need to make a little better bun next time, but I really could see myself using these for events like a wedding. Plus all those fun bun tutorials on Pinterest I bet these will come in handy instead of the bobby pin. I would repurchase these. Also like I have said before, these products can be bought in drugstores..if you try out a product and it's not what you like, I know many drugstores offer returns. Just ask when checking out.

Vitabath Fragrance Mist
8fl oz 16 Fabulous Scents

Vitabath retails for $9.99 (this is from their website I got this as a Bonus product to try out. I am really picky when it comes to body sprays. So many give me headaches so that is why I only stick to bakery type smells. Like Vanilla. The Vitabath Fragrance Mist I got was the Spa Day Green Tea & Sage. Now at first I was like this is gonna be a funky smell. It isn't that bad. I was shocked I liked it. Its fresh and clean scent. It smells like something I have smelled before, but I can't place what it is. Someday it will hit me and I'll remember :) I was on the Vitabath site looking around and I think I might try out the Wild Red Cherry, and Cucumber & White Tea. I'm not sure if these can be purchased in stores, I only see that you can purchase on their site. 

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles
Mahogany Teakwood 1.3oz

B&BW Mini Candles retail for $3.50. You all know I love my B&BW 3 wick candles...this is just a smaller votive style candle. This candle comes in a glass container. The scent I got is Mahogany Teakwood. Now at the store I always pass over this I said before I love the bakery type scents. Well after getting this scent to try I like it. It is great for a guy, so he isn't smelling all those bakery scents all day. This scent to me smells like Ambercrombie & Fitch stores. I do like it. Also I think these Mini Candles can be used in a cute gift bag or as a prize during a baby shower/bridal shower. Nice little gift.  Makes it easy for people to try out a scent before buying the bigger 3 wick.

Daily Health Booster packet

EBOOST retails for $28 for box of 20, $39 for box of 30, $39 for box of 12 shots. I'm gonna be honest here, I did not try this. Not cause I don't want to, but I take Vitamins already and I didn't want to have too many vitamins. Yes this can happen. My sister had it happen before. She had too much of something in her system and she actually got sick. I will try this on a day I need the extra boost if I forget to take my daily vitamins. From reviews I have read...these worked for some, but not for others. For me any kind of a energy drink etc. they always make my stomach hurt. So sorry about not having a real review of this product.

My reviews were Honest. This is the last of my Beauty Blogger VoxBox products to review. I hope you all enjoyed learning about some new products. Thanks again Influenster!