Wednesday, July 8, 2009

drawing a blank

I wish that I had something to post on here today...I am drawing a blank on a birthday card I need to make for a friend. I even have card layouts to look at. None of them are catching my eye..when they do it just don't work out. I am also working on another project..When I get the new frame for it I will post pics.

I made two cards for the is a light pink/peach(card) the paper I have on front is tiny stripes with the colors, pink, yellow, blue, green, not really bright colors. I was thinking maybe using a bird with a speech bubble or something along the lines with Happy Birthday. The other card is teal blue(card) with Black, bright pink/fuchsia Argyle that I made from WC cart. Both these cards are blank slates for anything really..I am just drawing a blank. I really do like the bird idea seeing my friend lives in another state and I don't get to see her that much..but I don't know. Maybe something will catch my eye today while I am playing around with paper. Just wanted to share :)

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