Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Egg Muffins

Wanted to share this quick and easy recipe with you all. I have a hard time getting Little Man to eat eggs, so I have been pinning egg muffin recipes on pinterest to try and other muffin recipes. Oh man the ideas people come up with for muffin meals..YUM!. Maybe thinking the eggs will be thicker and he can hold them better, like he does his broccoli nuggets. These were good, great healthy breakfast or lunch.

-7 eggs or more depending on size eggs. I used Eggland's Best Large eggs
-Your choice of fillings. I used Steamed Broccoli, and shredded cheese
-Grease the muffin cups 
-Make sure you place ingredients in first so they kinda mix in with the eggs. You could probably mix them with the eggs, but this way I know each one has a even amount.
Bake at 350, depending on stove mine took 12 minutes to bake, I inserted a toothpick in the thicker ones. They all came out perfect and yummy. 

Little man ate a few bites, but walked away. Mommy had them for lunches the next several days. Honestly thought these tasted better next day and days after than they did fresh.

Sorry the recipe is all over the place, but I made these super quick and did the baking time different, most call for 20 minutes, but our oven is weird and likes to burn everything. So if its says 20 minutes our oven it means 12-15 minutes 

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