Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello Friends!

I have been so busy this past week/weekend. First I have been working on my Christmas cards. That has got me missing some challenges I want to enter, but I'll work today to try my best to make it in them. Second, our upstairs Neighbors water line that goes to his washer has been leaking for the past Two Weeks down into our Coat closet and Laundry Closet. If it wasn't for me putting my Christmas tree up early we wouldn't have known til after Thanksgiving and the leak would have been a lot worse. He didn't have the line tightened. If anyone has any good tips for keeping Mold/Mildew away from where the water leaked please let me know. We have a fan on to dry it out. It has helped a lot. Our maintenance said they will be back out to spray some stuff, but we don't see them coming back out here. They were in a super hurry the other day when they did have to come fix the leak. It was close for them to be going home. Plus our maintenance is on the shaddy side..eeek. Lease will be up next year an we hope to buy our own place. So sorry if I haven't been posting on anyone's blog or watching videos. I have been busy and upset with all this water leak stuff.

On a better note. I won at CARDZ TV!!! Yay!! If no one has been over to Mary's blog to watch her awesome videos and see her beautiful cards, go check it out. CARDZ TV

I hope everyone has had a Great weekend so far. I hope to make some post today. I got my coffee in me, I'm ready to go :) :)

Hugs, Sheena

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