Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Beauty Voxbox

Hey friends, I wanted to share with you this pretty cool site called This site is so neat, it has where you take surveys about products, earn badges, and let you spread the word about the products you get to test out. This is the first Voxbox I received. I am super excited to give the products a test and come back and let y'all know what I think. So there will be a later post after I am able to do some product exploring. Maybe something might catch your eye and you would want to know more about it, just feel free to ask. So I will get to testing out my products. I'm looking forward to test out the AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash..I love AVEENO products and I love having soft skin that isn't dry, so this product I am really looking forward trying. The Sheer Cover Duo Concealer should be fun to test out, Always looking for a new concealer. I'm just so excited to test everything...hehe I already smelled the Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist..the scent is Moonlight Path. The smell is kinda like Baby Powder, I will get back with everyone on that one with a little more of a test. See if I like it on my skin and if it works with me. It is 8floz a full size product. So I will get to testing, be back in a few days or a week with an update.
Here are the Items I received:
Sheer Cover Concealer
AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash
ChapStick Lip SHIELD 365
Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

Will be back soon with reviews :)

Hugs, Sheena

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