Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Love Fall!! tag

Hi everyone, I was visiting a favorite blogger of mine Sam Schuerman's blog a little bit ago and decided to do the fun little I Love Fall tag. Sam does a lot of beauty blog post and she also has a YouTube channel. She is so funny to watch. She also a very sweet person.

I Love Fall 
1.Favorite Fall lip product
Would have to be my Blistex, I'm not much of a lip stick or lip gloss person, but will when I feel like it, but I can't be without my Blistex

2.Favorite Fall Nail Polish
Essie Lady Like..I love this color for fall, it is just light enough for me.

3.Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink
Salted Carmel Mocha

4.Favorite Fall Candle
B&BW 3-wicks candles in the scent, Pumpkin Cupcake, Leaves, Cider Lane and Cinnamon Sugared Donut. At first Leaves wasn't my favorite, but so many people said it was awesome. I got a Leaves candle and the scent has grown on me..I love it. 

*these pics our mine*

5.Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory
I would have to say my North Face Fleece. It's easy to grab when I need to step out real quick

6.Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, Haunted Trail?
I'm not big on Haunted Houses..there is a very famous haunted house called Haunted Hoochie not to far from where I live..I will never go there, I am not into scary things and Haunted Hoochie happens to be one of the sacriest around...eeek. Not my cup of tea. I do however love the haunted Island at a local Lake..that is fun, scary, but fun. They take you out on a boat to get to the Island. 

7.Favorite Halloween Movie
None!!! I hate halloween related movies anything scary..they are not for me. I know this isn't everybody, but the new scary movies that are out makes me think they are giving these Wackos in the world some ideas. Movies now are too gory.

8.Favorite Candy to eat on Halloween
Mini Snickers

9.What are you dressing up as for Halloween
Nothing. I haven't dressed up since 5 years ago and I was a spider witch

10.What is your favorite thing about Fall
Everything! Leaves changing, the smell of leaves when they are on the ground. Bundling up in cute clothes like sweaters and boots. The smell of Apples when you walk into a market or by a stand. Burning Fall scent candles. Sitting out by a bon-fire all bundle up wearing a comfy hoodie and having a good time with great friends and family. 

I tag anyone who wants to play along. I know Fall is a lot of others favorite season. I know that I love Fall!!

Hugs, Sheena

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  1. i am not into scary movies either and it has been ages since i dressed up for halloween, :P
    love the scented candles too and i own a fire pit that we used a lot while our son was home. not much anymore :(


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