Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi Everyone! UPDATE

Hi Friends! I just wanted to give a little update on me, baby, and our soon to be move to our new place.

I am doing great and so is the little one. Feeling lots of kicks and I love it. Hubby got to see my belly move last night and he felt the baby kick. He was all smiles and thought it was weird and neat at the same time. We are both so excited and can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy. I am 23 weeks, Thursday I will be 24. My next OB visit will be my glucose test..eek! Wish me luck. Also continue to keep me and baby in your prayers.

We decided to not buy right now. We didn't want the burden of buying a place and then say hubby decided to transfer and here we are stuck trying to sell a house. Plus most the houses we have been given to look at just weren't what we wanted. Too much work, bad area(crime), and many other things. So we decided to just rent a 2 bedroom Apt. We live in a 1 bedroom right now. We love the area we live in and loved the fact if we rent we can stay in this area. So our management has been keeping us updated on when a 2 bedroom comes up. So they got us one will be ready in November. I can't wait to work on the baby's nursery I am so excited for that. Also the baby can have their own space. The management knew we are expecting and has found us one that the people are a little older that live in the same part of the building so we don't have to worry about partying so that will be nice...pray it's actually not fibbing just to keep us here...that worries me.
So since we will be moving I have cut my Autumn/Fall Series short. I wanted to make more and make some better cards, but I need to pack things up. Being pregnant is gonna wear me down when packing. I am a pro at packing though cause I have moved a lot in my life so it's not hard, just I'll have to take it slower this time around :) So Thursday card 6 will be my last card and post for a little while. I will try and visit blogs and leave comments. Also when we get moved I won't have internet for a little while, so I won't be on as much. My phone I could get on here, but I like having blogger big and on a computer screen. I am also not sure if I will unpack my card making goodies just yet as we get done moving. I may figure out a better layout for my stuff to where it's neater and start getting rid of things I don't ever use or will never use.  But I promise to stop by and keep y'all updated. Keep me, hubby, and our little one in your thoughts and prayers. Good thing about this move it's only two buildings over. Plus we won't keep our couch and love seat we have now cause it's over 15 years old and it's the old style reclining furniture so it's so dang heavy and a pain, it's not a close to wall kind like they make today so it takes up space. We will just get rid of it and get new that's not so bulky. So that is one big thing we don't have to move. Also we will have some family help move since I can't do any crazy lifting. So pray for us and that our new neighbors aren't a pain..hehe Talk to you all soon.
Big Hugs!! Sheena

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well! I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, have a wonderful move! Carri~Abusybee


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