Monday, January 30, 2017

Hi Friends

Why Hello crafty friends, it has been a good while since I have updated my blog. I am super busy these days, I am now a mom of two little ones. My oldest is now 3, and my baby girl will be one February 9th. Time has went by super fast with these two. I hardly have time to make any cards or projects. I am super bummed about that. I miss crafting and viewing blogs. I'm not making any crafty promises this time around cause I never follow through...haha. I hope everyone is doing well, and those that have stuck around, Thank You! I have been working on my little girls birthday decor, just going simple polka dots/sprinkles theme. I'll work on getting pics up on here soon as I get me some more Scotch quick dry. My other dried up, goes to show when the last time I have made anything. Life has been busy for me. I try to work on crafts when hubby is off, if I get a chance to sneak to my craft space when he gets home I don't like to spend too long, he did work all day and the kids are wild and into everything. Still a SAHM, I love it but it wears me down fast. My toddler is now a Threenager....yes that is real and it is going on in my life right now....ahhhh haha. I will tell you all this, I do feel at home and at peace when I am crafting, making cards. It was my hobby for a very long time, so when I don't get to play or make time for myself I get drained and bummed out a bit. I'll be okay though, I got this, there has been threenagers before, insane toddler meltdowns. His doctor says its normal, friends tell me its normal, I'm leaning on God and good friends to get me through these toddler years. We don't have family near so it is hard to depend on family to come and watch them for a few hours, and then you feel guilty for leaving them but, it sure does feel good those 2-3 hours of just you time.  I will tell you our little girl is so different compared to our son. Totally two different people. Anyways I won't bother you all with my mommy drama haha, just wanted to hop on blogger, visit some blogs I follow, etc. Hope to be back on here soon. Until next time, happy crafting and God Bless you all.

Hugs, Sheena aka Tired Momma

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