Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie recipe UPDATE

OKAY....The Strawberry Angel Cookies Suck!!! I made them the way the recipe said step by step. The batter was tacky it made my beater lock I had to mix with one of my that was a mess. I had a mess everywhere. The batter taste like sour candy. Cooked them they are gooey in the middle even after letting them set. I tried one cooked and ewww ewww ewww. The outside gets all chewy and not a good chewy. I will not be making these for Christmas..I actually threw out the batter I have left I am not making 3 dozen like the directions say to. I hope if anyone else makes these they turn out great..please let me know if they do turn out.

I will stick to cookie recipes I know or have ingredients I have used before.

Now I am going to play with my E after I get my mess cleaned up. I need to make some gift tags might do some heat embossing.

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