Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Look!!

Hello Everyone...I hope you are staying in and not out in this nasty Winter storm..we are getting another round of Rain/Ice/Snow...right now as I type..I got really bored today and got to looking at my blog..I loved the background I had before, but my layout just wasn't working..I had so many little buttons on the right side, my blogger page was so long..it took me forever to try an figure out how to mess with my blog(since they changed everything awhile back). So I got to looking around an playing around..I have a old blog that I never use/shared so I just played with it first...til I got what I wanted..Let me know what everyone thinks?? So far I like it..its kinda simple, but still has some of my flower style I like :)

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and that this Winter storm is gone soon :)


Thanks for all the kind comments and for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Sheena