Monday, January 30, 2012

New member of the family!

Hello Friends! Sorry no card to post today, but we got a new addition to our family..a 2 month old kitten. I would post a pic of her, but the little stinker won't hold still long enough for a good one. Anyways that is where my time is spent, playing with her. I would work on cards, but my little craft area is in my bedroom and she isn't allowed in there right now. It gets super cold in there with the door closed, so I kinda don't want to be freezing working on cards. There is a b-day cards I wanted to make, but I had to purchase one. So hopefully while Tilly is sleeping I can work on some V-Day cards for my niece & nephew. If not they will have to get a purchased card. Ugh, I really don't care to purchase cards anymore since I make them..I kinda feel guilty buying cards. But little stinker comes first right now. We are nursing her eye, she has a cold in it, than we discover she had fleas...the lady said she was an indoor kitten, so I guess that lady's house has fleas..we took her to the Vet ASAP and got ointment for her eye an flea stuff. So far everything is great..her eye is looking better and fleas are gone...WHOOP WHOOP!!! She is my little buddy. So if I don't comment as often or post, Tilly is why I don' I miss playing with my cricut, but I hope to soon. I hope everyone is doing well. Talk y'all soon.


  1. welcome to hug-able tilly!
    wishing her a fast recovery and years full of happiness with you.

  2. congrats on the new addition to the family.

  3. I am excited for you my friend congrats and enjoy your new baby.


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