Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Hi Friends! I just wanted to stop in to say Hey and give a little update as to why I have been MIA. I haven't really been getting in my little craft space to work on anything. I started my Christmas cards last month well in July and they just didn't turn out like I wanted so I say this year I will be buying my Christmas cards :( I know sad. I have made my cards for the past 4 years now. It will be weird buying them. I do however need to get in and work on some cards for a few things. So hopefully I can work on something this sunday while hubby watches NFL RedZone...anyone that has hubby's that watch that channel knows how boring it can be...haha especially when you really aren't into NFL. So I will try and work on something tomorrow.
Also we have been busy house hunting and debating if we want a House or a Condo. With the baby coming we need something bigger, but if we have to stay here in our 1 bedroom Apt for awhile that is fine, I already said I will pack up my crafting stuff until we have room for it, cause we will need room for baby things. If I do pack up my craft stuff I will try and come and visit every week on the blog. I haven't been on as much to visit blogs cause I just haven't got into getting on here. I dunno why I am so I should be on here all the time. So if I quit all together making stuff I am either in process of moving or packed my stuff up to make room for baby.

I am 20 weeks and 2 days. I hardly have a I am still in my pre-pregnancy jeans, I just can't wear a belt cause it hurts to sit with one on. If anyone knows me I love wearing belts. I feel naked without one. Also my jeans are still loose so it sucks not wearing a belt. I even tried one them belly band things, I'm not ready for that yet. I say next week or so my belly will really pop out. Friends and Family keep telling me that I will one day wake up with a belly...haha I hope so I am so excited :) I am also loving the little flutters and the cute little kicks...I think it's so AWESOME!!! Some people keep telling me when the baby starts really kicking I will hate it...I don't think I will, I am so excited about this pregnancy and the baby, I look forward to all those little things. I have only cravings when I see something..Like the other day there was a Pizza commercial on, well now I want a big greasy pizza haha, and I am a healthy eater. Also Red Lobster endless shrimp commercial was on, and well now I want shrimp. So it comes and goes depending on commercial. All things are going smooth so far. Just exercising and eating right and all that good stuff.

I just wanted to update everyone and so if you were wondering how I have been and the baby. I hope to work on something soon. I hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Sheena

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