Friday, August 21, 2009

Shape/Cut out book

Here is just the start of a Book I am working on that has all the Cricut Carts I have. Right now I have PS cart done and started PB cart. I was really bored one day so I decided to use a pack of 8x8 paper I got from WM for like $5 that I knew I would really never use.I also got the book from WM in the scrapbook section I think I paid $6 for it. The paper inside is thick. A very nice book. Most of the cuts are either 2inches or 2.5 inches some may be smaller or bigger.

Now for Font carts I say I will only cut out a Letter in each style Italic etc. and a number. Instead of cutting out one number in each size. I will also cut out all the shapes to know what they look like when cut.

I have already used PS cart to see what size of a font or number I would need so I don't waste any good paper.

Thanks for Looking!


  1. This is a VERY good idea!!! This is actually what I need to do, as it takes out the guest work for the shape size you need.
    Good idea!!!

  2. Wow I really need to do this!! great job I know that took a lot of work.


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