Sunday, May 22, 2011

My "Little" Scrap Area

Hello Friends! I wanted to share my "Little" Scrap area with y'all. I love seeing others scrap areas, so I figured I would share what little area I do have. Now my area is in our bedroom, we live in an apartment so space is limited, but it works for me. The lighting is dark(sorry) I only have the Ott Lite and the lamp over by the bed, which is 12 feet away. It's not that dark in person though. I'll explain after each photo each area.

My Desk is from Ikea total for Desk $20..not a bad deal..Ikea has some awesome things. When I get back to an Ikea I'm going to pick up some boxes to store a lot of my already made cards, embossing folders, ink pads etc in. I didn't show the Right or Left side of the area, one side(left) is our dresser with a tv on it and the right side is a tote with all my other craft supplies, Heat Embossing stuff, Bigger stamps, was a mess over there, when I get the boxes I'll take all new pics :)

Where I keep my carts that I have no room for under the table, Crock full of Pens, Markers, Cricut Tools, Glue pens..Liquid Pearls, adhesive eraser, Personal Stamp, Rice Krispie treat(SHHHH, it's a Longaberger Basket with CTMH stamp sets, Glue Dots, Cuttlebug folders an supplies, Glue runners, Tape..other little items I have handy.One day when I have my own room, its going to be nothing but Longaberger baskets. I collect them, I have a ton more, just not in my bedroom.

Ott-Lite, CTMH Inks, SU Inks, Studio G Inks, Cricut E(covered in a yellow kitchen towel), My 50cent alligator ruler :), ATG, Card holder(easel), Darice Folders, and Glues

My Cartridge storage, up against my dresser. A VS bag filled with random stamp sets.

Under my table, I store my Cuttlebug, Paper Cutter, Godiva Chocolate bag has my Stamps in it(white bag), Paper Packs, and other scrap items.

You know how you get them kinda heavy duty shopping bags from VS, Godiva Chocolate etc..the ones with the ribbon or rope handles. I use mine to store things like wood stamps, Studio G clear stamps, clear stamp blocks, and Ribbon..they make it nice to just grab the handles..Yea, I know it might not be fancy, but I gotta make do with what I have for storage.

Hope everyone had a Great weekend, it has been really nice the past two days here.

Hugs, Sheena


  1. I have a corner of our living room, so I know what it's like to just have to use what you have for storage. I just wanted to let you know that custom crops has some new darice embossing folders for under $4.00. I'm obsessed with embossing folders. I have to have a lot of light, I'm legally blind. I have so much light that my family calls them my interogater lights.
    Thanks for sharing your craft space.

  2. Check out this post I put up on my blog and see if it helps you use your embossing folders more. I know it sure has made it easier for me to use them a lot more than I did.

  3. I use those bags too! I'm not as organized as you... they just carry a bunch of stuff and I can never find anything! Lol, I need to get them organized!

  4. Thanks for sharing your fun space!!! I always love seeing how other people organize themselves :)

  5. your space looks like it works for you. thanks for sharing. ps. just remember easier to clean up. ha

  6. I have a scrappy corner too! ;) I started to put it in my spare bedroom, and still may.....but for now, it's in a corner of my dining room which is not really a dining room has my craft corner, the computer & filing cabinet for bill stuff, a pub table with two stools, and a storage unit for all my kitchen stuff that I don't have room for in my kitchen! ha! I'm a new follower finally by the way. :)



Thanks for all the kind comments and for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Sheena