Sunday, January 18, 2015

GOALS: My Goals for my blog

Hi, Everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend. Where I live we had a really nice sunny warm(45) day yesterday. It was so nice getting out n about with my mom, little guy stayed in with his daddy, and his grand pappy. I got to do some major window shopping yesterday. I just love looking at all the new things that are coming out for Spring. I wanted to make a post for my goals for my blog for 2015.
2015 Blog Goals:
-Try to make one project a week post
-Do some updates, and everyday chit chat
-Visit all my blogs I love, see all the beautiful creations.
-Enter some challenges
-Work on getting more followers
-Create some of my own challenges
-Share some craft projects besides card making....I have a few coming up, one I'm working on for the little guy
-Try new recipes and share them...have one coming up this week. That will be my first officially coming back post
-Be better organized on my blog and in everyday life
-Learning to better manage my time
-Learning the ropes for having a budget for family, everyday life
-Using what supplies I already have

I know some these won't be met all the time, but I will try my hardest to make them happen. I have little reminders set to tell me "Hey you have some goals to reach" so hopefully that helps, plus visiting others will also help get me back on track. Hope everyone has a great weeknd, and rest of the week.

Hugs, Sheena 

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