Monday, January 12, 2015


HI, Everyone!! Wow, it has been since march 2014 I had made my last update. So sorry for not updating sooner or coming back to visit blogs I love. I miss you all, and all your pretty creations.
First off how many got Crcut Explore for Christmas?? I got mine back before Halloween. I love it, haven't used it a bunch yet, but so far I love it for what I have made using it. When I find time during my day I try to make something or play around with the design space. I love design space better than the design studio software I have. I find that the design space is so much easier for me to use. I hope to get my little craft area made nice and neat, get out my most used craft gear, try to cut back having unused items taking up space. I don't make new years resolutions, but I make goals, my goal this year to craft more, and organize my life better. With having my now ONE year old, our place isn't as neat and tidy as I would like.

Now on to my ONE year old. Goodness where did 2014 go? no really? It went by so fast. He turned ONE on 12/27/2014. We had two small parties. One at my parents, and the other at my SIL. We kept them small for several reasons. One being it was so close to Christmas, Two we don't speak to many of our old friends, yes I call them old, because well we don't speak to them much anymore, if we do it has been a year or two in between talks. I kept the parties small and family that have been in little mans life since he was born. This may seem harsh to some, but that's how we wanted it. Honestly, how do people have these big parties?? The small ones I had for him took a a lot of work. I of course made his cakes, both for us and his smash cake. After making for his first party I decided we will buy for the SIL party. Anyways, he got lots of fun toys and he had a great time playing with his little cousins.

He had a great first Christmas. He wasn't too interested in opening gifts, he just wanted to play with the boxes. After we got back to our place from our parents I feel like Toys R Us backed up a toy truck and unloaded here. Guess what?! he still plays with random things, not the toys he got. He rather carry around a sock, or DH belt. No matter how hard I try he just don't care about the toys. Now some of them he loves and will play with. Like the yellow fisher price chair, he loves that thing.

His status for ONE year is 18# 5.5oz 30.2", he's a walking machine. Soon as he turned 10months he was going going going. Now all he wants to do is climb everything. I have baby gates through out our place, and I am getting a great leg workout climbing over them. I have a really big evenflo gate that expands for our kitchen opening since the opening is wider than a normal door. That thing is tall, so I climb over that thing at least 100x a day or more. I could go out for the hurdle team. He keeps me busy and on my  toes. Very high energy little fella. Why I find it hard to make time to create anything. So far been just creating and saving files for later when I have the time to cut. I really miss card making. I tell my dear friend(she knows who she is) that I miss it so much, it was so relaxing and I just love being creative. Why I hope having the explore will help get back in the grove of things. I still have my expression and love it still, so I'm not getting rid of that baby. I have been watching a lot of YT videos to give me some mojo. Past few days I've been watching CHA videos, and OH MY!!! all the pretty things that are out now. Too many wishlist items to mention. I want them all..haha.

I really do miss all you and visiting your blogs. I miss seeing all the new techniques everyone is learning and sharing. I miss entering blog hops, and challenges. I really miss I Feel The Love project. I always loved making cards for others to cheer everyone up. Maybe when I get back to creating I can make a challenge for my NICU that my little guy was in. Oh I had the days wrong for his stay, it was 9 days total. I said 7...ugh mommy brain. My DH had to remind me. Also he had a NICU reunion back in September. It was kinda neat and weird. We thought he would see his main Doctor and his station nurses. Now we knew some would be working or not there. When we got there they had it all decorated cute and little goodies for him to keep, and a picture of the family to keep etc. The reunion was more for station neighbors. When we were in NICU we had two neighbors. We didn't really speak to them much, one neighbor was kinda on the mean not friendly type, the others kept to themselves(their little one was super tiny). They were both at reunion, but neither spoke to us :( kinda sad. I tried to approach them, but thought why bother, they didn't make effort for us. The ones we did talk to just got out of NICU like 3 months before the reunion. They felt the same as us, kinda weird. I asked a nurse about little mans doctor. She said they only come if they are on the shift during reunion. So that made us sad. They did let us go up to NICU to visit before we left, plus we had a box of preemie an NB sleepers we wanted to donate. We get up there ask about little fellas nurse, find out she was a travel nurse :( that made us sad. Also wanted to know about a nurse that helped us in NICU that was from the labor floor. They said we have to go there and ask, cause when he was in NICU they had so many nurses coming in and helping cause  they were short staffed. We didn't go find that nurse. Maybe when we have another she will be working...haha. She really loved our little fella, AND she used the NICU's expression and made his name for his station. I'm getting a frame hat is 8'x30' to stick in. To keep it, cause its so cute, and I don't want it to get messed up. Right now its stuck on his closet door at an angle cause its so long.  

I will post pictures when I take some of it, and of his cake, and other goodies I made for his parties. I did make his banner using he explore, and expression. I hope everyone had great holidays with family and friends. Hope to be back sooner than almost a year..eek!! Wish me Luck!! Send me good crafting mojo...

**Also need to update my blogger header..need to say explore and little fella now..


  1. Awww! Missed you so much Sheena! I know your little man is keeping you on your toes, but trust me enjoy it now! My girls now 13 and 14 would rather do their own thing than hang out with me. And yes it went so fast! And nothing has really changed out here! Products come and go, techniques come and go, but they all come back around! Can't wait for you to post again! Take care, thinking of you guys! Carri~Abusybee

  2. oh sheena sweet nice to hear about all that has going on. sad about the NICU. why can't all be friendly? why does it cost so much to smile or say hello? i will never understand that.

    anyway, very happy see you are back blogging a bit at least to update your cyber friends on what has been going on in your lives.

    talk to you soon.


Thanks for all the kind comments and for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Sheena