Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunhine Award!!

Thanks to
who was so nice to give me this Sunshine award!

Go check out her blog, her work is beautiful. I really like this award makes me want Spring to be here. Thank You flowerdisco for this Sunshine Award and for being a great blog follower.

NOW, the rules for the award are as follows: I must pass this on to 6 of my followers. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
-Pass the award onto 6 bloggers.

--Link the nominees within your post.

--Let your followers know that you are giving them this award by commenting on their blog

--Share the love and link to the person for whom you received this award.

Here are my six:








  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much,this the first time ever i get an award.....
    I do not understand it realy what i have to do now,
    so much "thank you"!!!!!!!!!
    warm hugs

  2. Sheena, I am glad you like the award. Remember you gave me my first award and how thrilled I was? I was new in the blogging world and you liked my blog well enough to give me an award. WOW!!!I have that in my heart girlfriend. I love your work too and hopefully we continue posting and sharing our ideas and see our cyber friendship grow. Hugs and have a great week!!!

  3. Sheena, thank you so much for the blog award ... I love that big, beautiful flower! I'll get busy and pass this on soon.

    Jo xx


Thanks for all the kind comments and for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Sheena