Friday, November 2, 2012

VoxBox review 4 products

Hi Friends, I am back with my final reviews of the products I got in my Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012. I hope you enjoy my reviews and if you have tried any of these products please feel free to share what you like or don't like about them.

*These products were sent to me by Influenster...this is the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012. All reviews will be my HONEST thoughts. You all know I don't blog much about beauty products, but every so often I like to share some of my favorite items that I am using at the moment. So I feel  honored that Influenster sent me this box of goodies to test out and give my honest review on. Only HONEST reviews here!*

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
for Dark Hair

The Spin Pins retail for $7.29. I have to say I was really wondering if these pins would work on my long thick hair. I see them in stores, but never paid much thought. I followed the directions on the back of the box..let me tell ya THEY WORK!!! I was shocked...I mean really I was. It felt like I had nothing holding my hair was really nice. No hair came loose, I just need to make a little better bun next time, but I really could see myself using these for events like a wedding. Plus all those fun bun tutorials on Pinterest I bet these will come in handy instead of the bobby pin. I would repurchase these. Also like I have said before, these products can be bought in drugstores..if you try out a product and it's not what you like, I know many drugstores offer returns. Just ask when checking out.

Vitabath Fragrance Mist
8fl oz 16 Fabulous Scents

Vitabath retails for $9.99 (this is from their website I got this as a Bonus product to try out. I am really picky when it comes to body sprays. So many give me headaches so that is why I only stick to bakery type smells. Like Vanilla. The Vitabath Fragrance Mist I got was the Spa Day Green Tea & Sage. Now at first I was like this is gonna be a funky smell. It isn't that bad. I was shocked I liked it. Its fresh and clean scent. It smells like something I have smelled before, but I can't place what it is. Someday it will hit me and I'll remember :) I was on the Vitabath site looking around and I think I might try out the Wild Red Cherry, and Cucumber & White Tea. I'm not sure if these can be purchased in stores, I only see that you can purchase on their site. 

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles
Mahogany Teakwood 1.3oz

B&BW Mini Candles retail for $3.50. You all know I love my B&BW 3 wick candles...this is just a smaller votive style candle. This candle comes in a glass container. The scent I got is Mahogany Teakwood. Now at the store I always pass over this I said before I love the bakery type scents. Well after getting this scent to try I like it. It is great for a guy, so he isn't smelling all those bakery scents all day. This scent to me smells like Ambercrombie & Fitch stores. I do like it. Also I think these Mini Candles can be used in a cute gift bag or as a prize during a baby shower/bridal shower. Nice little gift.  Makes it easy for people to try out a scent before buying the bigger 3 wick.

Daily Health Booster packet

EBOOST retails for $28 for box of 20, $39 for box of 30, $39 for box of 12 shots. I'm gonna be honest here, I did not try this. Not cause I don't want to, but I take Vitamins already and I didn't want to have too many vitamins. Yes this can happen. My sister had it happen before. She had too much of something in her system and she actually got sick. I will try this on a day I need the extra boost if I forget to take my daily vitamins. From reviews I have read...these worked for some, but not for others. For me any kind of a energy drink etc. they always make my stomach hurt. So sorry about not having a real review of this product.

My reviews were Honest. This is the last of my Beauty Blogger VoxBox products to review. I hope you all enjoyed learning about some new products. Thanks again Influenster! 

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